Genus Enterprises

Basic Resume

Missing details for the last 5 years while "retired".

Summary of Qualifications

1968 - Present Various

Engineering - Click Engineering Tab Above

Software - Click the Software Tab Above

Owner / Partner in several high technology companies

Marketing and Website Integration - Click the Marketing Tab Above

CEO of Inter-Net-Working, Inc. and CEO of

2021 - Present - Blockchain Integration Gaming / Payments, HlyGrail (Real Original NFT Patents)

2015 - 2021 PPEC - Bitcoin and Blockchain Development

1994 - Present Genus Enterprises Henderson, NV
Private Research and Development

1990 - 1994 Optima Industries Torrance, CA
Senior Engineer
Developed the fastest drilling machine spindle for electronics in the world

1968 - 1988 United States Navy Worldwide
Retired Lieutenant Commander
Enlisted as E1 and worked through the ranks

1985 - 1990 Computron Olongapo City, Philippines
Built a profitable computer store and training center

1985 - 1987 Texas Collage Subic Bay, Philippines
Taught College Electronics and Computer Science


1970 - 1974 University of Washington Seattle, WA
Bachelor of Science Electronic and Electrical Engineering

1980 - 1982 Monterey Post Graduate School Monterey, CA
Master of Science Electronic and Electrical Engineering
40 Graduate hours in Computer Science

1976 Surface WarFare Naval Officer Qualified

1984 USN Engineering Duty Officer Qualification

1970 - Present Self Taught Robotics, AI, Blockchain

Patents and Publications
1982 Masters Thesis
1992 Zindle Patent for Electronic Circuit Board Drilling Machine
1994 Published "Small Dreams Have No Magic"
Additional Professional Activities
1984 - 1985 President of IEEE Monterey Chapter
1986 Vice President JC International Olongapo City, Philippines
Professional Memberships
Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers
JC's International
Lions Club
English, German, Tagalog
Community Activities
Member of Chamber of Commerce
Available on request

Develop and Promote

The intent is to bring together the ingenuity of ideas, contributors, and investors.

The process secures ideas with cryptology while allowing free flow of information. Everything from alternative energy to T-shirt design can be collaborated.

Security Clearance
Top Secret / NTK