Genus Enterprises

Engineering Resume

Missing details for the last 5 years while "retired".


Software Languages
Binary, Assembly, C, C++, Pascal, Lisp, ADA, Prolog, Basic, Java, TDS2, Logo, several electronic circuit design languages, bitcoin core, php, javascript

Application Languages
Most word processing, spreadsheet and databases, Paradox, DBASE, Access, many graphic programs PSP, 3Dmax, other paint, animation and morphing programs

Operating Systems
CPM, DOS, Windows, NT, Unix, Transputer, VAX, Android, Bitcoin Blockchain

Hardware Systems
Discrete Components, Intel, Motorola, Transputers, Android

Special Areas of Expertise

Design and implementation of electronic and software control systems
Design and Management Experience
Design and implementation of blockchain security systems
Computer Circuit Board Drilling Machine

  • Laser positioned system to 20 millionths of an inch
  • Multiple Head Drills - 360K RPM patented design
  • Drilled as small as 2 mill holes
  • Route and Drill with the same head
  • Touch Screen Interface

Military Systems

  • Managed testing and design of combat and communication systems
  • Total management of missile systems
  • Developed first effective radio frequency alarm system for the military

Commercial Systems

  • Nite & Day Commercial Home Security System
  • Cambridge Technology Computer System
  • Web site hosting
  • Inventor kits for Radio Shack
  • - Idea Protection

Personal Research

  • Drill for gold mining and pin puller for electronic circuit boards
  • Voice recognition and Motion detection
  • 3D Graphic Design
  • Energy Research and Development
  • Video / Audio compression for the Internet
  • Internet E-Commerce - online real time tracking and presentation
  • Blockchain Technology


  • Develop a computer system that operates on light
  • Develop Blockchain protection for Intellectual Property
  • Develop Raspberry Pi engineering solutions and AI