Genus Enterprises

Marketing Resume

Changing the world one Equity Point at a time.


2022 - Present working on Neumi. Focusing on developing eBooks to promote Pruvit, Lifewave and Nuemi technologie. Upgrading HlyGrail and MyCryptoPatent to teach the world the power of the REAL orginal and patented NFT technology.

2016 - Present built organizations in Pruvit and Lifewave.

2018 - Developed to help anyone with an idea, secure their idea with blockchain technology, and connect collaborators and investors.

2016 - Launched the PPEC and Circulating Currency Marketing system with the intention to change the MLM industry and general worldwide marketing into a viable, legal, and credible industry. This system includes the "Equity Distribution Formula" and the most integrated marketing ever with eBooks, eBook Branding, Barter Mall, contact management and followup, and a unique mobil ready system allowing anyone in the world no matter what their financial status to change their life.

1995 - Present CEO of Inter-Net-Working, Inc. and Developed the marketing plan, wrote the software, maintained the websites and managed the companies. These companies are the parent of several other companies and corporations in existance or developing.

2009 - Present focusing on Prosperity Central, twitter, elertgadget, BZ9 and other tools for building networks. This included creating ebook marketing systems for I2G, Valentus, Nyloxin and weShare Crowdfunding.

2015 - 2016 Designed, copyright 2015, and Hlygrail Patent 2016 the "Equity Distribution Formula" to be used by new companies launched in 2016 including the PPEC, wecbtc, PPEC Management Company and Circulating Currency.

2014 - 2015 Designed and hold the sole copyright 2014 for the weShare Crowdfunding Compensation plan (Donation Distribution Forumul). No one has the right to use this compensation algorithm including weShare without a specific written license from Genus Enterprises. Currently weShare is in violation of their license agreement due to non payment and anyone using any version of the compensation plan is subject to trotious interference charges. Contact Genus Enterprises if you seek a license or want to report violations.

2008 - 2015 Built large organizations in several companies focusing on creating systems to help distributors in various companies using modern marketing including a downline of over 200,000 distributors in Gano Excel.

2007 Made Part Time in Forevergreen in six months. Developing marketing for Ghana and Africa.

2006 - 2007 Regional Manager (under plan old plan) in 14 days with Eniva. Current Executive Regional

2004 Built over 100,000 members in Turbo Charger in six week.

1999 - 2001 Market and consult for Global Health Trax, Nuskin International and TruSave.

1998 - 1999 Helped Matol Botanical LTD to open the Los Angeles and foreign market. Rewrote their compensation plan for release in May of 1999. Consulted for Global Health Trax and WorldNet compensation plans. Established downlines in all three companies up to 10% of the active organization. Requalified Gold and created a Field Advisor position in less than two months.

1997 - 1998 One of the top distributors for TRII Telecommunications. Approximately three percent of the company total distributors and much higher percentage of dollar sales. Helped develop training programs and consulting for other businesses. Developed Internet web pages and Windows 95 sales programs. Developed software for genealogy recursive compensation plans for several companies.

1995 - 1996 Distributor for ICC, ATF, One World Communications, Web Wise Network and Ultimate Solutions. Wrote the marketing plan for Web Wise Network, modified the marketing plan for Ultimate Solutions, and consulted for all the above companies and a few others.

1989 - 1995 Gold Key Supervisor for Matol.

1990 - 1991 Five Star Director for American 3D Camera.

1989 - 1990 Executive distributor for NSA, top distributor for Fiberline National Telecommunications, top distributor for Contacts Express, developed and wrote the software for Fiberline National and Contacts Express (AT&T).

1988 Joined twenty seven MLM companies to learn the industry, get the training, learn the competition and select the best companies.

1980's Successful distributor for Amway, Shaklee, Herbalife, Something Special Jewelry and the Crystal Club.

1975 Emerald in Amway

1970 Regional Manager for Nite & Day Security

Note: I have many years of experience as a professional trainer. From the first few weeks of joining the military I was teaching what I learned only weeks earlier. I opened my own computer schools in the Philippines, taught for Texas College and worked as a TA during Graduate School. During my entire MLM association, I have been training and motivating my organizations. I wrote a motivation book on how to recognize good and bad traits to be used by all ages.